Aussie Cossack's bail DENIED as supporters call out 'harsh' treatment

Russia's foreign ministry claims the YouTuber is being targeted for his political views

Aussie Cossack's bail DENIED as supporters call out 'harsh' treatment
Simeon Boikov better known as the Aussie Cossack
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A NSW court has denied a bail application for prominent YouTuber and self-described freedom fighter Simeon Boikov as his supporters claim he's being targeted as a 'political prisoner'.

Boikov, better known online as The Aussie Cossack, was jailed after he breached court orders relating to an accused paedophile at a lockdown rally.

The court found that Boikov had twice breached the court suppression order and sentenced him to six months without parole and a full sentence of 10 months in prison.

Boikov was livestreaming on his popular YouTube channel at a protest in May when he told protesters 'Now guys, let’s make a very scandalous announcement here as well' before he named an alleged paedophile who had been charged and was before the courts but whose name had been suppressed.

He appeared before the Burwood Local Court this week where his application was denied.

Boikov's wife Ekaterina Olshannikova took to his YouTube channel to update supporters on the latest hearing saying that 

"The barrister tried his absolute best, he did everything he possibly could to try and get Simeon out," she said.

"The most important part of this is that (the) magistrate agreed that the corrective services had done absolutely everything they could to frustrate Simeon ... seeing his lawyer."

His supporters have so far raised more than $28,000 to fight his legal battle.

Boikov has been classified as a 'National Security Interest' which comes with harsh restrictions on contact and placements while an inmate.

His supporters, many who have rallied outside court, claim he's being targeted for his political views in support of Russia and dissent against authority during Australia's controversial response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Russia's ministry of foreign affairs released a statement slamming the treatment of Boikov, calling the sentence 'unreasonably harsh'.

"We see in this story another manifestation of 'double standards' and prejudice against those who use the right to freely express their views, not coinciding today with the anti-Russian mainstream on the 'Green Continent'," the ministry said.

"We join the demands of Australians and people with common sense to stop the persecution of Simeon Boikov."


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  • By Avi Yemini

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