Aussie farmers flock to capital over 'reckless' renewable energy push

Farmers travel to Canberra over concerns about the impact of Labor's renewable energy initiatives.

Aussie farmers flock to capital over 'reckless' renewable energy push
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Landowners, farmers, and members of regional communities from across the country gathered in Canberra to protest against the proposed Gundary Solar Farm and various other renewable projects slated to commence soon.

New South Wales farmer Kevin Tongue was one of many who expressed apprehensions regarding Labor's renewable energy agenda, cautioning that the proliferation of new solar and wind farm projects could come at a steep cost to the nation.

Speaking from the lawns of Parliament House at the 'Reckless Renewables Rally' on Tuesday, Tongue highlighted the deep concerns among attendees regarding the implementation of the climate-conscious policy.

Tongue, addressing Sky News host Andrew Bolt, emphasised the detrimental impact of these renewables on prime agricultural land, which he argued should primarily be reserved for food and fibre production.

He revealed that a significant solar project, covering 900 hectares and comprising 850,000 solar panels, is planned near properties owned and operated by his family in the New England region of NSW.

He lamented the visual intrusion of solar and wind farms, expressing concerns about their long-term economic burden on future generations.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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