Australia's former US Ambassador backs claim Trump could have prevented Russian invasion

Joe Hockey endorses Donald Trump's view that the Russia-Ukraine conflict wouldn't have transpired under his presidency.

Australia's former US Ambassador backs claim Trump could have prevented Russian invasion
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Former US Ambassador and Australian Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has backed former US President Donald Trump's claim that he could have prevented Russia's invasion of Ukraine if he had remained in office.

Hockey made the comments about Trump's "unpredictable" nature in a radio interview with 3AW host Neil Mitchell, suggesting that the current Russia-Ukraine crisis would not have arisen if the 45th US president had still been leading the free world.

His sentiments echo Trump's own remarks shared on Truth Social, where he touted his favourable relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin as a decisive factor in averting such conflicts.

Trump has frequently attributed peace during his administration to his rapport with Putin, noting he was the sole president not to have Russia annex a country in his term.

Furthermore, a recent Harvard Center for American Political Studies-Harris Poll survey revealed that 62% of respondents, broken down into 85% Republicans and 38% Democrats, believed Putin would not have attacked Ukraine under Trump's presidency. However, 38% felt the invasion would have transpired, irrespective of the sitting US President.

While Trump appreciated his relations with Putin as a measure to maintain peace, he clarified that it didn't translate into viewing Putin favourably.

Yet, mainstream US pundits argue that Trump's past diplomatic endeavours with Russia were unsuccessful, and his stance towards Ukraine was at best, unclear. They see his recent assertions as an attempt to deflect blame for the invasion onto his successor, President Biden.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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