Australian journalist names baby 'Methamphetamine Rules' for investigative report

ABC reporter Kirsten Drysdale's unique choice reveals a loophole in the naming process.

Australian journalist names baby 'Methamphetamine Rules' for investigative report
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An ABC journalist has gone to extraordinary lengths for her job, naming her own baby 'Methamphetamine Rules' for an upcoming television report. 

Kirsten Drysdale was researching for an upcoming episode of ABC's WTFAQ programme which claims to delve into 'intriguing questions.'

The "What can I legally name my baby?", intrigued her. Testing the system, she stated:

“We wanted an outrageous name that’d surely be declined, to see what the Registrar would then default to.”

To her astonishment, the name was promptly approved. The official birth certificate arrived with 'Methamphetamine Rules' emblasoned as the child’s name.

“I still can't grasp how it passed,” shared a bemused Drysdale. “Perhaps someone thought Methamphetamine was Greek?”

The Registrar has recognised the oversight, assuring the baby's actual name would soon be certified.

“His real name isn't related to narcotics,” Drysdale quipped. “It'll be a memorable tale for his 21st.”

A spokesperson stated that the Registry is overhauling its process, while emphasising that normally, most parents opt for non-offensive names. 

WTFAQ, airs Wednesday, 9pm on ABC.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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