Australian politician deletes tweets after calling Donald Trump Jr 'unpopular big baby'

Minister for Home Affairs calls out Trump Jr and 'clarifies' visa status.

Australian politician deletes tweets after calling Donald Trump Jr 'unpopular big baby'
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Australia's Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security, Clare O'Neil, has been called out after she branded Donald Trump Jr a "big baby who isn't very popular" after he blamed a "visa delay" for the postponement of his Australian tour.

O'Neil took to social media to deny any involvement of the Australian government in the tour cancellation and stated that the real reason behind it was the lackluster ticket sales.

In a now-deleted tweet, O'Neil expressed her opinion, saying:

"Geez, Donald Trump Jr is a bit of a sore loser. His dad lost an election fair and square - but he said it was stolen. Now, he's trying to blame the Australian Government for his poor ticket sales and cancelled tour."

O'Neil claimed that he had indeed been granted a visa to enter Australia. She alleged that the tour was not canceled due to the visa issue but rather because of underwhelming ticket sales.

O'Neil further dismissed Trump Jr's popularity, referring to him as a "big baby who isn't very popular."

Supporters of Trump Jr were quick to call out O'Neil for making and deleting the tweet, calling out her comments and expressing their disappointment at the event being postponed.

The eldest son of former US President Donald Trump had planned to speak in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane from July 9-11.

However, tour associates Turning Point Australia announced the postponement, citing the late arrival of Trump Jr's visa just 24 hours before his scheduled departure.

The tour had already sold 8000 tickets, including all "VIP" tickets priced at $2500.

The official Trump Live website advised ticket holders to retain their tickets until further notice regarding the rescheduled dates.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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