BREAKING: Avi Yemini heads to Israel to report from the frontlines

Rebel reporter bound for Middle East to find out what's really happening on the frontlines of the conflict between Hamas terrorists and Israel.

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I don’t trust the media — so I’m going to Israel to tell the truth about the war.

By now you’ve probably seen the shocking footage. Hamas terrorists sneaking into Israel to attack civilians. Massacring entire families in their homes. Murdering and raping young woman at a dance party. And kidnapping women and children, taking them into Gaza as hostages to parade in the streets as trophies after brutally torturing them.

Or maybe you haven’t seen that at all.

If you rely on the mainstream media, you wouldn’t know about all the atrocities committed by Hamas. In fact, you wouldn’t even know that Hamas is a terrorist group at all. Most of the mainstream media have an official policy against calling Hamas terrorists — they say that’s too judgemental.

The mainstream media reporting will no doubt get worse as Israel rightfully retaliates to protect her citizens because they make the false equivalence between Hamas deliberately attacking civilians and Israel going out of its way NOT to harm civilians when it fights back. They talk about the “cycle of violence” — as if Hamas raping and murdering innocent girls is morally equivalent to Israel shooting back at terrorists.

Well, I’ve decided to do something about it: I'm dropping everything, and I’m going to Israel to cover this war myself. Not as a jew or an Israeli dual citizen but instead as a journalist whose mission in life is to show the world the truth no matter how ugly.

I’m leaving tomorrow — my cameraman Benji and I are going to Israel, and then we’ll report from the war zone daily.

We’re going to report about the war. But we’re also going to report about the reporting of the war, if you take my meaning — I expect much of what we’ll do is to show how the mainstream media pumps out fake news to demonise Israel and whitewash Hamas terrorists.

The only reason we can tell you the truth is because we’re not bought and paid for like the mainstream media. Government journalists from Australia’s ABC and Canada’s CBC despise Israel, and are actually trying to turn Hamas into the victim here. And corporate media aren’t any better. We’re 100% crowdfunded by our viewers, so we can follow the facts wherever they lead.

We will have lots of questions to answer in the days ahead, including:

  • How did Israel’s famous military intelligence fail so badly?
  • How did terrorists on paragliders and motorbikes manage to defeat Israel high-tech defences?
  • What will Israel do now — and will Israel’s enemies be able to turn United Nations against them?
  • What will the democracies do — including Anthony Albanese, Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden, who are hardly allies of Israel?
  • What will happen with Israel’s new peace treaties with Arab countries — the “Abraham Accords” negotiated by Donald Trump?
  • ... and most of all: how can Israel make sure this attack — dubbed Israel’s 9/11 — never happens again?

There are so many questions to ask, and I promise I’ll do my best to find the truth.

My cameraman Benji and I are flying economy class from Melbourne to Tel Aviv — we’ll be there by Wednesday. And we’ll travel light — staying in economy-class accommodation, renting an affordable car and watching our budget. We have to, because we don’t have the massive budgets of the mainstream media.

We’ve got all of our cameras and laptops for editing our videos. And we're also working on important equipment — like security gear, including bulletproof vests if needed.

We’re not sure how long we’ll go there for — I can’t imagine it would be less than a week. It may turn out to be much longer — I’ve only bought a one-way ticket for now.

If you can help us crowdfund this critically-important journalistic mission, please do. Between our economy-class airfare and hotels, our safety equipment and our modest daily budget for food, I think a two-week trip could cost us up to $30,000 for the two of us.

That’s peanuts to the mainstream media, but it’s a huge amount for us. But we have to do this: we simply can’t trust the mainstream media to tell us the truth about this war.

If you are willing and able to help us do this important work, you can contribute using the donation form on this page or at

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