BC Conservatives surge in polls, narrowing the gap with governing NDP

The provincial election poll shows BC Conservatives are now nipping at the heels of the governing NDP, with official opposition party BC United falling further behind in support.

BC Conservatives surge in polls, narrowing the gap with governing NDP
The Canadian Press / Darryl Dyck and The Canadian Press / Chad Hipolito
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As the wait for British Columbia's general election approaches the seven-month mark, a new Mainstreet Research poll shows the Conservative Party of BC (CPBC) steadily closing the gap behind the current leading party, the NDP.

The poll, which was released on Thursday, surveyed eligible BC voters on March 18-19 by asking them which party they would vote for if the province’s election were held today.

Consistent with previous election polls, the results showed the NDP remains in the lead (39.6%), but this time with just a 6% gap ahead of the Conservative Party of BC (34.2%), which is now surging in support over the current opposition party, BC United (14.2%).

BC’s Green Party is projected to garner 9.6% of electors' votes.

In an interview with Rebel News prior to this poll, BCU leader Kevin Falcon claimed to be unbothered by a consistent increase in polled support for the revived CPBC, which under the new leadership of MLA John Rustad, achieved official party status last September.

"When you focus on the back and forth between party support in polls and party brand [there's] confusion from British Columbians who may not be aware that the recently renamed BC United Party is the same coalition party that used to be called the BC Liberals,” Falcon stated before predicting that once his party’s ad campaign was in full swing, more CPBC supporters would want to vote for him.

The CPBC, however, is celebrating the latest poll results, which came in weeks after the BCU’s ad campaign began. In a video posted to X (formerly known as Twitter), Abbotsford-South MLA Bruce Banman, who crossed the floor from BC United over to the provincial Conservatives last year, stated:

“This comes down to everyday hard-working British Columbians saying enough’s enough, we want change,” before thanking his viewers for believing in the CPBC and that change is possible.

Mainstreet Research also surveyed BC electors for which party would receive their vote if the federal election were to take place today. The results showed that nearly 50% of voters support the Pierre Poilievre-led federal Conservatives (49.6%). Support for the Trudeau Liberals sat at (22%) with Jagmeet Singh’s NDP coming in third (19.4%).

Last week CPC leader Poilievre and BC NDP Premier David Eby butted heads after the Tory leader’s invitation for Eby to join himself and seven other premiers in the fight against Trudeau’s carbon tax hike was dismissed by Eby as a fantasy cooked up in a “baloney factory.”

When Mainstreet polled British Columbians on whether they side with Eby’s pro-tax stance — which mocked Poilievre’s attempt at halting the carbon tax increase on April 1st — or Poilievre’s “spike the hike” initiative, 54% of the voters sided with Poilievre.

The recent carbon tax dispute between Eby and Poilievre could be a factor in why the Conservative Party of BC, who have been vocal supporters of Poilievre’s “Axe the tax” campaign and have pledged to scrap BC’s provincial carbon tax should they form government this year, is now nipping the heels of BC’s NDP in the polls.

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