B.C. United loses another MLA as Bruce Banman crosses the floor to join B.C. Conservatives

Conservative are the 'only party that stands for what's right in the legislature,' said Banman, who accused B.C. United and the NDP of being motivated by political correctness and convenience.

B.C. United loses another MLA as Bruce Banman crosses the floor to join B.C. Conservatives
Facebook / Bruce Banman
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Political heads turned this Wednesday as Abbotsford South MLA Bruce Banman, announced that he was leaving the B.C. United party to join the Conservative Party of B.C. (CPBC).

In a press release, Banman, who served as mayor of Abbotsford between 2011–2014, says he made the carefully considered decision in order to better fulfill his election promise to “bring the concerns of everyday hardworking people and families to the forefront in British Columbia's Legislature in Victoria.”

The CPBC welcomed Banman to their caucus with open arms, and, in doing so, now meets official party status which requires a party to have a minimum of two sitting MLAs.

Conservative leader and Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad was the first MLA to join the party since it was revived from its near-dormant status in 2022. Like Banman, Rustad had previously served as a member of the Opposition B.C. United, formerly the B.C. Liberals.

However, in a decision that may be coming back to haunt them, Rustad was booted out of B.C. United's caucus on his birthday for retweeting a post by Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, which contradicted the politically-correct climate change narrative.

During an interview with the CBC, Banman, who was serving as B.C. United’s shadow minister for emergency management, climate readiness and citizen services, said when it comes to climate change, he needs “more information on that particular issue” and believes that “healthy debate is good.” 

Freedom to explore climate realism over climate alarmism for his constituents isn’t the only party value that attracted Banman to the CPBC.

When announcing his decision to leave B.C. United, Banman says he knows “the Conservative Party of British Columbia is the only party that stands for what's right in the legislature, rather than what's politically convenient or 'politically correct.'"

Banman continued:

Conservatives have common sense. We don't support Trudeau-backed policies like the punishing carbon tax that hurts everyday people; we refuse to condone the ideological NDP education agenda that teaches students what to think instead of how to think; and, we will never support the myth of safe supply that kills British Columbians and poisons our communities with hard drugs.

His decision to join the Conservatives comes just a couple of weeks after a Mainstreet Research B.C. elections poll showed that the pollster's Intel Subscribers would be more likely to vote for the Conservative Party of B.C. over B.C. United if an election were held recently.

While Rebel News did not receive a response from B.C. United Leader Kevin Falcon regarding the traction the CPBC appears to be gaining, Falcon did release a statement yesterday afternoon addressing the state of his party after learning Banman had crossed the floor

While Bruce's departure is not entirely unexpected due to ongoing internal management challenges with him, it is crucial to remember that B.C. United is the only party that can defeat the NDP government and act on the significant challenges facing British Columbians,” the statement begins. Falcon goes on to say that the party “is gaining momentum” and “remains strong and united.”

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