NDP MLA cites rampant antisemitism throughout party in resignation letter

'Your silence broke my heart that day. You abandoned me and my community that day,' a letter from Selina Robinson reads in part.

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B.C. MLA Selina Robinson resigned from the NDP caucus last week, citing antisemitism as the key factor leading to her decision.

The former finance minister spoke out over the lack of support she received from within her party to stand up for the Jewish community after the horrific October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel perpetrated by Hamas terrorists.

In her resignation letter, Robinson explained: 

We just witnessed the slaughter, rape, mutilation and murder of 1200 mostly Jews. We watched as the terrorists celebrated this horrific act. Ben Mizrachi hadn’t yet been buried. The IDF hadn’t yet taken any action. The world was stunned. And two of my colleagues wanted to move quickly past what had happened and refocus government on a geopolitical conflict that has been going on for years.

But it wasn’t their antisemitism that broke my heart. It was your silence to their antisemitism that hurt the most. Not a single one of you responded to their insensitive, disrespectful and inappropriate email.

No one.

Your silence broke my heart that day.

You abandoned me and my community that day.

The MLA announced that she would be remaining as an Independent representing the riding of Coquitlam-Maillardville.

Speaking further about the antisemitism prevalent within her party, Robinson wrote, "How eager you all are to join the few remaining Holocaust survivors as Nicholas plays Kol Nidre on the cello and we bow our heads, light candles in honour of those murdered – yet when the hordes gather and chant 'from the river to the sea' – a Hamas mantra referring to their desire to destroy Israel and the Jews, you are no where to be found."

Throughout her resignation letter, Robinson describes a deep hypocrisy within the party. On one hand, the party claims to support a "truly inclusive BC" that will "stand up against hate."

However, Robinson notes the myriad of instances in which the party has refused to take a stand against blatant antisemitism, with some members of the party even participating in the antisemitic behaviour.

Last month, Robinson apologized after stating in an interview that Israel was founded on a "crappy piece of land."

B.C. Premier David Eby responded to Robinson's apology, saying, "She offered her apology to me, to all of her colleagues in cabinet and caucus, and assured me she would be apologizing unreservedly to British Columbians and, in particular, the individuals and the communities that were hurt."

Although she apologized for her remarks, Robinson has claimed that she has continued to receive hateful messages, including death threats.

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