B.C. United leader grilled on gender ideology by 'Billboard Chris'

Activist 'Billboard' Chris Elston confronted B.C. United Leader Kevin Falcon over what steps the party is willing to take to address to stop the spread of radical gender ideology in schools.

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On Tuesday, during a Langley stop of B.C. United Leader Kevin Falcon’s “ask me anything” style town hall events, the opposition leader was faced with a fiery line of questioning regarding gender ideology being permitted in schools.

The controversial ideology in schools, which is often aided by sexually inappropriate and biologically inaccurate “inclusive learning resources,” remains a common social issue raised in political discourse.

After discussing the party’s position on matters such as British Columbia’s health-care staffing shortages, the education system, and the province's enabling approach to addressing the addiction crises, the Q&A portion of the event began.

It was then that child protection activist Chris Elston, commonly known as “Billboard Chris”, was one of approximately eight guests to take the mic.

“What are we gonna do about this ideology in schools, this medical abuse, and what are we going to do to unite the right so we don't get these Communists in the NDP in power for four or eight more years?” asked Elston after describing some of the harms that can be caused to minors who receive “gender-affirming” care after being trans identified.

Falcon began his answer by informing the crowd that Elston’s question was welcome and that he had already recently answered a similar question from Elston at a town hall event in Surrey.


“Let's sit down and figure out if there's a way that we can do this that protects the interests of kids, that make sure we recognize that every child is unique and different. You wanna make sure the parents are involved in that discussion,” said Falcon.

“I think we can do that without, you know, without making it like we're attacking people,” he added.

What followed was a fiery response from Elston, in which he accused Falcon of “not answering the question” and “avoiding the issues that matter.”

Watch the full report above to capture the intensity of the entire exchange, including when some of the town hall guests began yelling at Elston, who continued to say his piece before exiting the event.

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