'Be aware, be educated': Pro-life protesters assemble for Toronto's March For Life

Pro-lifers keen to promote their message were greeted by a noisy group of pro-choice demonstrators at Queen's Park.

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Following the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion which stated that Roe v. Wade may be overturned, pro-abortion protests have erupted across North America. So, on Friday, we went to Queen's Park in Toronto to cover the 2022 March for Life event.

Hundreds gathered peacefully in front of the legislature building to listen to speakers discuss their own experiences with the abortion industry and defend their pro-life stance.

Behind the pro-lifers, a small but loud group of counter-protesters chanted in unison about women's right to choose while also promoting other somewhat irrelevant social justice causes.

We interviewed protesters on both sides of the issue. The pro-lifers were keen to promote a cultural shift around people’s perception of the abortion industry.

The pro-choicers, meanwhile, had a much more aggressive approach to protesting but overall were peaceful. So, we decided to ask a couple of them some questions about why they are pro-choice.

One woman was unwilling to talk to us because Rebel News is “right-wing," and another girl, after stating that life does not begin at conception, politely asked us not to air her interview after searching Rebel News’ Instagram.

The police were keen to keep the pro-life and pro-choice gatherings separate, so the pro-choice protesters began their march first. When the March for Life finally began, the pro-lifers thanked the police for their service and went on their way.

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