Bell has a monopoly on Canadian media, but still wants more taxpayer handouts

A look at the company's stock price reveals Bell benefitted greatly from pandemic lockdowns that left Canadians with little to do but watch TV.

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On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed a recent report from The Globe and Mail titled: BCE’s CEO calls for government assistance for struggling media sector.

BCE is Bell Canada Enterprises, one of the oldest, richest companies in Canada. As of today, it’s worth $52 billion. A look at the stock price reveals that BCE benefitted greatly from the lockdowns. "When you were locked in your homes, not allowed to go to work or school or a restaurant or sports or whatever, what could you do but sit at home and watch TV?" asked Ezra. "They made billions off the lockdowns."

"It was not surprising to learn afterwards that Trudeau actually paid the big TV stations, including CTV, which is owned by Bell, $104 million to promote their lockdown propaganda," Ezra added. "So that was pretty cosy. Trudeau locks Canadians into their homes, shutting down any real life social interactions, forcing you to go online for any human contact, and — surprise! — the big internet, cable and cellphone company makes billions off of it, and supports the lockdowns with a vicious vengeance against anyone who dares to call for freedom instead."

Bell, a major corporation which owns chunks of not just the media but huge sports teams and arenas, is now begging for more taxpayer handouts. Because apparently $100 million to promote the lockdowns — that’s already been spent.

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