The Best and Worst of College Hamas encampments

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Tonight, Ezra covers the best and worst of college Hamas encampments.

From the University of British Columbia to the Fashion Institute of Technology, thousands of students, faculty, and activists have engaged in antisemitic protest.

Concerns for the safety of students of all creeds has sown incredible discord, revealing the true nature of these demonstrations.

Columbia University announced Monday it will not proceed with its planned main graduation ceremony later this month, citing disruptions caused by ongoing anti-Israel protests on the New York City campus.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has called for universities to dismantle the anti-Israel protests that remain entrenched on campus grounds.

"You want to be here in Ontario? You live in peace, and love," he said. "That's what we encourage all the time. Making sure we respect every single culture... No matter if you're from Palestine, or Israel, or anywhere else."

Ford is not the first premier to call for the illegal encampments to be removed. On Friday, Quebec Premier Francois Legault called—for the second time in as many days—for the encampments to be dismantled.

"There are certain places where demonstrations shouldn't take place," said Liberal MP Anthony Housefather. "You can't block buildings, you can't break the law, and I think all levels of government need to step up," he added.

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