WATCH: MelbUni tries (but FAILS!) to kick Avi Yemini off campus for 'spreading hate' against Hamas

Things almost went sideways during Avi Yemini's recent visit to the University of Melbourne as Jewish students gathered for a peaceful protest against rising Jew hatred on campus

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Jewish Students took to Melbourne University to rally against the rising tide of antisemitism, bullying and intimidation faced by Jewish students on campus.

As the gathering aimed to foster support for the Jewish community, tensions escalated when anti-Israel protesters, their faces hidden behind masks and keffiyehs, attempted to disrupt Rebel News reporting of the pro-Hamas encampment on campus.

In a heated moment, one protester tried to seize the microphone from me, only to be halted by the intervention of security guard Daniel.

Among the protesters, a leader urged the crowd to chant "from the river to the sea," a phrase laden with implications of ethnic cleansing. Melbourne University's media team attempted to remove me from the scene, ironically citing concerns of 'hate speech,' which raised eyebrows as they allowed a pro-Hamas group to remain, chanting genocidal slogans without interruption.

The rally garnered broad support from the Jewish community, with representatives from various organisations, including the Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) and the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV).

Hundreds of students and community members waved Australian and Israeli flags while brandishing signs denouncing antisemitism, harassment and intimidation.

ZFA CEO Alon Cassuto opened the event, affirming unwavering support for Jewish students and condemning the spread of antisemitism and hate on campus.

The call for action resonated deeply as Jewish students shared personal stories of encountering antisemitism and intimidation on campus.

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