Benjamin Weingarten says the Biden administration seems desperate to 'reopen relations with Communist China'

Senior Contributor at The Federalist Benjamin Weingarten joins The Ezra Levant Show to weigh in on President Joe Biden's visit with Xi Jinping.

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Senior Contributor and Editor Benjamin Weingarten joined The Ezra Levant Show, where he was asked to explain what he knows about Xi Jinping's current status, and whether he is being welcomed back into America's good books.

"As for China, Xi Jinping himself and by all accounts, Communist China's economy is struggling, they have real issues. So naturally, what are America's leaders doing? They're trying to potentially provide China a lifeboat," Weingarten said.

"You had many members of major corporations come and speak with Xi Jinping and impress upon him that American business leaders are souring on China. We need to reopen this relationship. Business leaders have always been the pre eminent agents of influence essentially and mouthpieces for the Chinese Communist Party," he added.

Weingarten continued:

The Biden administration desperately, it seems, wants to reopen relations with Communist China and try to find different areas in which we can somehow work together because we need to cool down the temperature.

And so, of course, ironically, the green agenda is probably the most important agenda from the Biden administration's perspective.

The first sort of this new romance between Xi and Biden was this so-called fentanyl deal whereby supposedly China, which I would argue is engaged in a new opium war, essentially chemical or biological warfare against the West by being the key producer of the chemicals behind fentanyl then actually created in Mexico and exported to the US and elsewhere.

Weingarten added that China said it was going to clamp down on these essentially death factories that had been killing tens of thousands of Americans each year. In effect, it was going to shut down those companies and factories in exchange for the U.S. removing an entity of China's domestic national security and intelligence apparatus from the Commerce Department blacklist. This entity had been blacklisted for its alleged complicity in Xinjiang Uyghur repression.

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