Berlin lockdown protest draws huge diverse, peaceful crowd | Marijn Poels discusses his experience

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On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, independent journalist and documentary maker, and recent Rebel contributor, Marijn Poels, joined Ezra to discuss his experience documenting the huge anti-mask, anti-lockdown rally in Berlin, Germany this past weekend.

For Marijn's report on the protest, CLICK HERE.

Marijn, who prides himself on presenting fair and balanced coverage, took to the streets of Berlin along with tens of thousands of demonstrators this past weekend, speaking to those on both the left and right of the political spectrum.

After discussing a counter protester who compared the demonstrators to the Nazi party, Ezra asked what kind of people Marijn saw at the event. His experience led to his conclusion that the crowd was very diverse, saying: 

What I saw was the opposite of Nazism; the opposite of nationalism; it was a quite diverse public, it had nothing to do with left/right - the horizontal fight wasn't there  it was just we, the people, against the politics, against the media. That whole protest was so peaceful. [In the interest covering both sides] of I did try to find some Nazi's, and I did try to find some right-wing extremists, but you know, to be honest, I couldn't find them. 

Nowadays in Germany when you walk with a German flag you are a right wing extremist.

Some of Marijn's other works include: The Uncertainty Has Settled, Paradogma, and his upcoming documentary, Return To Eden.

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