Billboard Chris explains viral video where he was assaulted at pro-trans protest

An officer told the activist that his peaceful demonstration was consenting to a mutual fight.

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We're calling on the Vancouver Police Department to fire Constable Frederike Buchmann for her inappropriate response to an assault on a peaceful protest. Sign our petition at!

Regular viewers of Rebel News will recognize “Billboard” Chris Elston as the always-calm, level-headed protester who wears a sign often adorned with a slogan opposing gender transitions for children.

“Billboard Chris” was peacefully protesting last week in Vancouver, British Columbia, when he was attacked multiple times by pro-transgender demonstrators, something that resulted in a police officer telling him he'd consented to a mutual fight.

He joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to provide his first-hand account about what happened and how the police responded.

Describing the hostility he saw when he first arrived, Billboard Chris told Ezra:

I went to this event on Friday, and I'd only been there for five seconds — literally five seconds — and I saw my friend Pierre Barns, who is an amazing man, who has done more research than anybody in Canada about some of these pornographic books that are in schools, and he's exposed a lot of that. He sends a lot of emails to trustees and that sort of thing.

But he was there by himself, surrounded by these hostile people. So I started to walk up to him, and I couldn't even get to him because I was immediately assaulted; someone came with a marker and marked up my sign, and I ended up with a bloody nose out of that.

So I called the police because there were no police there and they came, I guess they were just around the corner, and so I knew right away as soon as I started talking to the first officer, Constable Frederike Buchmann, that I had a problem on my hands because I said to her, "I should be able to walk freely in a Canadian park without getting assaulted. 

And she said: "Well..."

So right away I knew I had a big problem on my hands.

To see more from Billboard Chris and to help support him, visit his website.

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