Who is Billboard Chris and who is attacking him? An interview with Chris Elston

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Chris Elston, known as Billboard Chris online, has become a prominent figure in the resistance against transgender transitioning of children. He attends public events or protests where children are targeted for gender transitioning and holds up a sign that states: "A dad is someone who stands up." He believes that transitioning children of tender years is a horrific crime that will be viewed as such in the future. He was recently assaulted by a transgender activist at a transgender event. 

On toinight's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Chris tells Ezra that his message is that children cannot consent to puberty blockers and gender ideology has no place in schools. He also believes that children are never born in the wrong body and medicalizing them for being different is insane. Despite his peaceful presence, he has been verbally berated and physically attacked at events. Chris views himself as a conversation starter, rather than a protester.

He has become a well-known figure in the fight against the transgender transitioning of children. Chris has been verbally berated and physically attacked at events, despite his peaceful presence.

Chris's signs are statements of his opinion, but most people view them as facts. There are no derogatory terms, insults, or threats on them. However, he is constantly verbally berated and physically attacked. Chris recently attended a transgender event and was attacked by a transgender activist.

Chris's message is one of peace, but he has been physically attacked for holding his signs. Despite this, he remains committed to spreading awareness of what he calls "the greatest child abuse scandal in the history of modern medicine." He has traveled to about 25 or 30 states and provinces in North America, attending events and talking to people. He goes to university campuses and talks to students about the issue.

Despite being verbally berated and physically attacked, Chris wants to continue to talk to people about the issue and raise awareness of the dangers of gender transitioning for children.

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