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BlazeTV host Sydney Watson banned from Patreon for 'hate speech'

Watson has discussed issues surrounding transgender, biological males in women's spaces recently, drawing the ire of the membership platform.

BlazeTV host Sydney Watson banned from Patreon for 'hate speech'
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Sydney Watson, a popular YouTube commentator and host of BlazeTV's You Are Here has been banned from membership/subscription platform Patreon, allegedly for “violating [their] Community Guidelines regarding Hate Speech" according to the website's team.

Watson stated on her Twitter that she “never actually post[s] anything on Patreon itself, which means they're banning me purely based on what I've said on other platforms. And even then, reading through their guidelines, I haven't done a single thing listed.”

“It is insane to me that expressing researched ideas is considered hate speech. And let's remember that I never posted any content on Patreon itself,” Watson told Rebel News.

“Besides that, I'm angry we are even here. How do these platforms get to unilaterally decide what is and isn't 'hate speech'? I make a hyper-researched video investigating the erasure of women and I'm the bad guy? It's ridiculous. I'm thankful to all the people to donated to me. I'm sad that this had to go this way.”

Included in Patreon's reasoning was a statement implying Watson's content (which is not hosted on the platform) “propagate[s] negative stereotypes or segregational content towards a protected community.” 

The claim continues, “Because you are funding this type of content on your Patreon campaign, your creator page has been removed.”

After appealing, Patreon replied to Watson stating they "will not be considering reinstatement of [her] page".

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