BLM organizer blames police inaction for why she drove through crowd of Trump supporters

BLM organizer blames police inaction for why she drove through crowd of Trump supporters
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The Black Lives Matter organizer who was charged with attempted murder for driving through a crowd of Trump protesters in California claims that she felt threatened and only accelerated because police ignored her pleas for help.

Her claims contradict video footage of the incident that took place at a Black Lives Matter protest in Yorba Linda on September 27, which saw the attendance of counter-protestors who arrived in support of the police.

The 40-year-old activist left a man and a woman hospitalized with serious injuries after she drove through the crowd of Trump supporters.

The accused, Tatiana Turner, is a leading organizer for the Black Lives Matter movement in California and trademarked the term “Caravan for Justice,” which she organized.

Turner’s lawyer says she called 911 when she was allegedly surrounded by a group of hostile Trump supporters, some of whom she claims were armed. Turner allegedly appealed to police at the scene only to get the “runaround,” said her attorney Ludlow Creary II to the Associated Press.

“Sheriff’s deputies on scene didn’t do anything and the crowd of Trump supporters grew,” Creary said. “It essentially was a hostile environment.”

Creary insists that his client “wasn’t trying to hit anybody. She wasn’t trying to hurt anybody.”

Police disagree with the lawyer’s assessment, stating that they did not think Turner was in any danger when she plowed through the crowd of people.

“It did not appear from the video we’ve been able to see that there was a direct threat,” police spokeswoman Carrie Braun said. “I wasn’t there and wasn’t sitting in the vehicle. I don’t want to say what she could, would or should have done. Clearly, any time an incident like this occurs it’s tragic for everybody involved.”

Turner is currently being held under a $1 million bail and saw her first court appearance this week.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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