Bollywood actress SLAMS Justin Trudeau on freedom of expression

Bollywood actress SLAMS Justin Trudeau on freedom of expression
Source: Youtube
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Award-winning Indian actress Kagana Ranaut slammed Justin Trudeau on Saturday after the Prime Minister called for "limits" on free expression.

Trudeau's comments came after a series of devastating Islamic terror attacks rocked France, stating "We will always defend freedom of expression,” Trudeau answered to a question about the right to show a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed, as France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine did.

“But freedom of expression is not without limits,” he added.

Ranaut took issue with Trudeau's comments, writing "if every petty crime's punishment is beheading each other, then why do we need a Prime Minister or any law and order?"

Her comment quickly went viral, with mass support for the actress flooding in from India and abroad. 

Ranaut went even further and demanded and again demanded an answer from Trudeau.

Her tweets supporting freedom of religious belief and expression continued into the evening, the actress expressing "people have a right to be atheist," and writing "I can choose not to believe in your God, that’s fine, it’s not a crime, I can express how I don’t agree with your religion, yes !! that’s freedom of expression, learn to live with my voice, you have learnt to slit my throat cause you have no answers to my questions, ask yourself."

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  • By Ezra Levant

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