Brampton's bylaw officers behaving badly

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The City of Brampton, Ontario, just northwest of Toronto, is not a place you want to go to these days if you’re planning on violating any of those Wuhan virus social distancing protocols.

You see, while most cities in Canada seem to be in the process of reopening and relaxing their bylaw enforcement, Brampton Bylaw officers are on a jihad when it comes to writing up those $880 Coronavirus tickets.

Indeed, check out this statistic: during the one-week period from June 2-8, Brampton Bylaw officers handed out a staggering 127 charges under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

That works out to the City of Brampton enriching its coffers by almost $112,00 in a single week!

And who was getting fined you ask? Teens playing soccer and cricket. Citizens gathering in parking lots or even in their own backyards. Oh, the humanity!

So it is that we are on a mission here at Rebel News to “hunt the hunters.” Which is to say, we want to scrum one of these pseudo-police officers in the bylaw department to get some insight as to why they‘re being so downright… mean-spirited… to their own citizens. You know, the taxpayers who play their salaries, people who simply want to have some fun in the sun after being cooped up for months in quasi-quarantine.

And you know what? We almost got a chance to interview one of these Brampton Bylaw officers the other day. Almost…

Here’s what happened:

We spotted a bylaw enforcement officer in his bylaw enforcement vehicle driving by a park (perhaps he had reached his daily quota?)

We promptly made a U-turn and proceeded to follow him. But while this individual presumably relishes in handing out bylaw violations, he apparently has nothing but contempt for the Highway Traffic Act.

Indeed, I estimate he was doing approximately 100 km/h in a 50 km/h zone! Oh, and changing lanes without signalling.

And let’s not forget about blowing through a red light.

Needless to say, he gave us the slip. And little wonder: I didn’t want to drive like a reckless maniac like he was. Talk about one law for thee and one law for me!

So it is, in the days ahead, I’ll continue to hunt the hunters in “Canada’s Flower City” – even if it means hiding in the weeds.

In the meantime, if anyone from the Peel Region Police Service (a.k.a., the real cops) would like to take a peek at our video of Brampton’s version of Speedy Gonzales, methinks there’s much fodder for the grist here in terms of tickets for numerous traffic violations.

Or are the rank and file of Brampton Bylaw somehow special?

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