BRAZIL: Millions protest against Socialist President-elect Lula da Silva, reject communism

They say that they are ready to go to war if the election is certified.

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The entire nation of Brazil is in a citizen uprising over allegations of a rigged presidential election. Millions have taken to the streets in protest of President-elect Lula da Silva, a far-left socialist and convicted criminal who was sentenced to 12 years in prison on corruption charges.

But because of the country’s corrupt Supreme Court, the case was annulled and Lula was freed from prison to seek another presidential term after previously serving for eight years before Bolsonaro was elected. Brazilians from across the country have been peacefully protesting for more than 20 consecutive days. Rain or shine the citizenry is rejecting communism, and living in South America, they know the dangers that communism brings all too well. They say that they are ready to go to war if the election is certified.

But if you don’t pay attention to world politics, you might not even be aware of the protests happening in Brazil…since journalists are being jailed and mainstream media refuses to report on the uprising, running cover for the globalists. Even conservative congressmen are being put in prison for speaking out against Lula.

However, the biggest question that remains is why did the Biden administration admit to having the director of the CIA travel to Brazil to threaten Bolsonaro to accept the defeat? Sounds like foreign interference. While cartels and criminal gangs celebrated Lula’s win on election night, the overwhelming majority of Brazilians were outraged after reportedly finding extreme anomalies in their voting machines which they say rigged the election for Lula.

Truckers and farmers have gridlocked highways in more than 50 locations across the country and have ceased exports of agricultural goods. The Supreme Court froze their bank accounts for their involvement in the protests, but this is their hill to die on as they have been targeted by the climate policies set forth by the World Economic Forum, which Lula is an agent of.

The protests have started to significantly impact the economy as ports are unable to operate due to ships not being able to load and offload supplies. As tensions begin to increase following the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down President Bolsonaro’s lawsuit claiming serious voting errors, I was able to interview a citizen journalist who has been out protesting in front of the military compound in Florianopolis.

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