BREAKING: Second Georgia county finds thousands of 'missing' votes

BREAKING: Second Georgia county finds thousands of 'missing' votes

In another shocking turn of events, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office announced on late Tuesday that another county has discovered missing ballots during its audit of the presidential race in the state, adding a total of 1,577 votes to President Donald Trump’s tally of votes.

While performing a hand recount, Fayette County officials uncovered 2,755 votes that were not included in the initial count, reports WSBTV. Secretary of State official Gabriel Stirling told the press that the ballots were not counted after being scanned onto a card, but failed to be uploaded into the initial count. He blamed poll workers for failing to follow procedures and safeguards that are designed to catch the issue.

Stirling told the press that the office is currently investigating another batch of missing votes in Walton County that may have been missed.

The majority of the 2,755 votes in Fayette were for President Donald Trump over the Democrat presumptive nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Libertarian party candidate Jo Jorgensen, among other write-in candidates.

1,577 votes have been added to Trump’s tally, surpassing the 1,128 new votes for Biden. The addition of the newly found votes changes the margin in Georgia by under 500 votes, edging Trump ever closer to Biden’s lead of 12,929 votes.

Throughout the state, counties are conducting independent recounts and audits over the votes due to irregularities discovered by poll workers, election officials, and members of the Trump campaign.

Fayette County is the second county in the state to report an issue with missing votes. On Monday, election officials found 2,600 votes previously unreported in Floyd County, which changed the margin by 800 in favor of President Trump.

The Secretary of State’s office blamed the miscount on human error and called for the elections director to resign. A formal investigation has since been opened into the irregularities.

According to WSB-TV, over 5 million votes were cast in Georgia. The state has until midnight Wednesday to complete its counts to certify its results on Friday.

The Secretary of State’s office has also opened two investigations in Fulton County, where Atlanta is located. The first investigation probes into the supposed water leak at State Farm Arena that paused ballot counting on election night, and the second is to how the state monitored the votes.