'Disgraceful': British patriots defend war memorial from Hamas supporters in London

An anti-Israel rally went ahead on Armistice Day, prompting fears of vandalism or desecration of monuments.

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"We're here to remember the fallen," a British war veteran told me yesterday at a counter-demonstration aimed at protecting war memorials from desecration. 

"This is a country that allows people to come to this country like they do. And this is how disrespectful they are when they are in this country. We have allowed these people to come here with an open heart and this is how they treat us — disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful," the former soldier said.

Since the October 7 Hamas massacre against Israel which left 1,400 dead and another 240 held hostage in the Gaza Strip, massive anti-Israel protests have proliferated internationally, with acts of vandalism and desecration committed at cenotaphs on behalf of Palestinian "martyrs." At previous demonstrations, memorials have been vandalized with slogans such as "Free Palestine" and "Free Gaza."

British patriots were out on Saturday to defend their monuments from an anti-Israel rally that was planned for the same day, Armistice Day in the United Kingdom. 

Tommy Robinson, most known for his activist work in exposing Muslim-organised grooming gangs targeting English women and girls for sex trafficking in several UK cities, was part of those calling for English patriots to peacefully rally at cenotaphs to stand guard from the anti-Israel mob.

Several demonstrators told me they feel the police favour the left-wing, anti-Israel protesters and that there are double standards for the two groups. Residents said they found the vandalism disrespectful and that it made them "furious."

Another man said he thought for a cause that went against what his grandfather, a World War II veteran, fought to protect. "I come here and remember him and what he fought for, against antisemitism and against the Nazis in World War Two. So I come here and stand there and I believe that God stands for this country, and he is grieved about the state of this country, that we've thrown away our Christian values."

The group of patriots gathered along Whitehall Street to see the ceremony at the cenotaph, where a small scuffle with police broke out. However, the two minutes of silence to commemorate the fallen passed peacefully. 

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