Brittany Higgins called out as a 'hypocrite' after accusing Linda Reynolds of media harassment

Higgins slams former minister for public statements amid ongoing dispute over rape case inquiry.

Brittany Higgins called out as a 'hypocrite' after accusing Linda Reynolds of media harassment
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Brittany Higgins has continued her public stoush with Linda Reynolds, accusing the former Defence Industry minister of harassing her through the media.

Higgins slammed Reynolds on Instagram for complaining that the Labor government had refused to fund a barrister for her during the inquiry into the Bruce Lehrmann rape case.

The former political staffer demanded Reynolds stop making public statements, which some commentators on social media found hypocritical accusing Higgins of using the media to further her case in the court of public opinion over the past two years.

“These are just headlines from today,” Higgins wrote. “This is from a current Australian Senator who continues to harass me through the media and in the parliament.

“My former boss who has publicly apologised for mishandling my rape allegation. Who has had to publicly apologise after defaming me in the workplace.

“Who had a whole bunch of questionable conduct during my rape trial. Who is suing my fiancé for a tweet.

“This has been going on for years now. It is time to stop.”

Higgins’ Instagram rant targeting Reynolds comes as Reynolds considers referring the Commonwealth compensation payout to Higgins to the newly formed National Anti-Corruption Commission.

Ms Higgins alleged in 2021 that she was raped by colleague Bruce Lehrmann in Reynolds office in 2019.

Lehrmann pleaded not guilty to the charges, and the trial was dismissed due to juror misconduct in October 2022.

A subsequent inquiry into police investigations of the alleged rape heard claims, ultimately withdrawn, that Reynolds had allegedly coached the defence team.

The government rejected Reynolds request for a senior counsel to represent her at the inquiry.

Reynolds made the request on the second day of hearings but did not receive a response from the Attorney-General until the second last day of that block of public hearings.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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