Brittany Higgins denies ploy to influence election as self-confessed lies are exposed in trial

Cross-examination reveals inconsistencies in rape allegations as courtroom tensions rise.

Brittany Higgins denies ploy to influence election as self-confessed lies are exposed in trial
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In a fiery session at the Federal Court, Brittany Higgins refutes claims of influencing the 2022 Australian federal election with her rape allegations, admitting to an "incorrect" timeline provided to The Project.

Brittany Higgins faced intense scrutiny at the Federal Court over her alleged rape in Parliament House, contradicting her earlier statements to The Project.

Bruce Lehrmann's lawyer, Steven Whybrow SC, delved into the distribution of a timeline document, challenging Higgins on potential interference in the election, Sky News reports.

During cross-examination, Whybrow suggested that Higgins disregarded police advice against sharing the timeline to damage the Liberal Party's election prospects.

In response, Higgins asserted her motive was to address the pervasive culture in Parliament House rather than impact the election.

"I had no intention of impacting the election but I did want to change the culture in Parliament House," Higgins claimed.

Despite Whybrow's persistent questioning about her political intent, Higgins maintained her initial anger at the mishandling of her rape case, highlighting her disapproval of Parliament House's culture and expressing her severed ties with the Liberal Party.

As the courtroom tension escalated, Higgins declared:

"I was angry at the culture of Parliament House, and I was hurt by the Liberal Party," making it clear she was "no longer" a supporter of the party she had been associated with since birth."

The courtroom drama unfolded with emotional testimony and conflicting narratives.

It comes as Higgins' self-confessed lies have been uncovered in the courtroom this week according to the Daily Mail, including inconsistencies in her account of the alleged rape, admitting to fabricating a panic attack, conceding a bruise may not be linked to the accused, falsely claiming medical visits, and acknowledging untruths to her former boyfriend, while maintaining she did not lie to her employer to protect her job.

The revelations emerged during cross-examination in the Federal Court as part of Bruce Lehrmann's legal action against the Ten Network and journalist Lisa Wilkinson.

The trial continues.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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