Bug dogs? Crickets and worms make the menu at Calgary's Stampede

Hot dogs with crickets and mealworms were on the menu at this year's Calgary Stampede. So, is this the next trend in food? Syd Fizzard hears reactions.

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It shouldn’t be a shock that insects are invading North American diets, after all, the World Economic Forum has been promoting the consumption of insects for years now. The Forum advocates that consuming bugs ought to be our future, and that this new way of eating is the better option over animal produce. 

Attempting to normalize the consumption of these alternative proteins, the WEF continues to plant the seeds of consent for their less than favourable dietary recommendations. Ultimately, their big and final push when it comes to insects will revolve around climate change and environmentalism.

In London, England, the WEF has taken to fawning over a new insect farm, and praised Europe’s decision to back insect-based food. Scientists in the U.K. are also planning to feed school children insects to make the U.K. ‘greener’, even though eating bugs may give parasites.

Previously on the streets of Calgary, we asked people about these globalist plans, and how comfortable they would be consuming little critters instead of meat. After that report, the world's largest cricket factory finished construction in Ontario, and this past week at Calgary’s stampede we saw a new contender in the insect-food arena — cricket and worm hot dogs.

We found out from those in attendance what they thought about the new menu item, most people were understandably uninterested in taking part in the insect diet fad. On the flip side, some individuals seemed more than content with regards to the WEF’s plan for a bug food future.

Eventually, with their promotion of the use of insects for food waste elimination, as well as for human consumption, bugs may be the way for elites to feed our own waste back to us. In the mean time, this pet food soon-to-be human food may be a source of protein but for many, as we saw, it will never be a source of happiness, satisfaction, nor food.

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