Bureaucrats close gyms again despite healthy living increasing your odds against COVID

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Did you plan to bring in the new year with a new you? Not so fast, if doing so meant hitting the gyms to stay fit and healthy. Despite obesity, linked to many leading causes of death and, also being a major risk factor for the rare percentage of people that experience severe complications with COVID-19, the gym doors have been slammed shut to the public across most of Canada this year.

Whether you chose to or were coerced into being fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or not, Public Health Lords, like B.C’s Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, and Bureaucrats, like Ontario’s stay home and eat a cherry cheesecake instead Premier, Doug Ford, are using the cold-like Omicron Variant as an excuse to once again, forbid citizens from using gyms to stay healthy.

“I believe that everyone that wants to be a little bit happier, and a little bit healthier, just has to move,” says David Turnbull, the owner of Vancouver’s TurnFit Personal Trainers LTD. Despite following every public health order that’s been asked of his business, and not being linked to any COVID-19 outbreaks, Turnbull is unable to serve his community with fitness services he stresses are good for both physical and mental health.

In this video, Turnbull explains why Public Health Officers shutting down gyms got it wrong this time and why fitness should be treated as essential.

If you are tired of government overreach and how divided our country has become, consider donating what you can to our legal fight, in partnership with the Democracy Fund Charity, to stop vaccine passports, and no jab, no pay policies, at FightVaccinePassports.com

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  • By Ezra Levant

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