California foster care agency asking foster parents if they have up to 26 beds to host unaccompanied migrant children

California foster care agency asking foster parents if they have up to 26 beds to host unaccompanied migrant children
AP Photo/Julio Cortez
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California authorities are asking foster parents in the state for extra beds to hold as many as 26 unaccompanied migrant children in their homes, as the refugee crisis at the U.S. border worsens thanks to President Joe Biden’s revocation of Trump-era policies.

According to a new report, California’s Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) has approached parents in the foster care system asking them to tell the agency how many extra beds they had available, in a voice recording obtained by the Daily Mail.

"This is an emergency message, please respond to this urgent message from the Community Care Licensing Division," the voicemail said. "CCLD would like to know how many available beds you have to serve additional youth."

According to the Daily Mail, the recording listed a phone number for foster parents to call back with the requested information. The CCLD also sent out emails to foster parents requesting details about the availability of beds. 

"As many of you are already aware, CCLD has been sending automated emails and phone calls asking you about available beds to serve additional youth," an email read. 

According to the email, the CCLD states that it is "trying to address the needs of a record number of unaccompanied children" coming from Central America that are escaping "impossible situations such as poverty, violence, and natural disasters."

Two foster parents who spoke to the publication said that the maximum number of children that any foster parent is allowed to have at one time is six, adding that at any given time there are 30,000 children in the L.A. County foster care system. 

"So to ask us already certified foster parents to take on children from another country when we can barely take care of our own foster crisis doesn't seem beneficial to either side because either way someone loses a bed," added one of the foster parents. 

The CCLD’s emergency communications to foster parents come as Biden faces an uphill battle containing the refugee crisis.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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