'Deport them!': Irish independent candidate Gavin Pepper on asylum seekers

'I want to deport every one of them. At the end of the day, our people come first,' says Gavin Pepper, an activist running for local office in Dublin.

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The issue of economic migrants seeking to abuse asylum policies has been at the forefront of Irish politics lately, with Rebel News covering the country's massive rally against open borders in Dublin last week.

“We have homeless Irish people, send them home,” Gavin Tucker, a speaker at the rally told the crowd through a microphone, with the crowd chanting “Send them home! Send them home!” in response.

Pepper tells Rebel News he is running as an independent candidate for local office because none of Ireland's political parties are willing to address the issue of illegal asylum seekers.

“People in Ireland have had enough of this,” he tells Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant. “Illegal immigration is affecting every country, but it's affecting Ireland really, really badly.”

Pepper points to 200,000 hospital cancellations, including 650 chemotherapy sessions for kids, over the first nine months of 2023 as a way a surge in migrants is straining the country's services.

“They've been sent here, they're coming from Dover [in the United Kingdom], onto a boat and then they cross over” into Ireland, Pepper says of the asylum seekers.

For Canadians, a familiar theme is playing out in Ireland, according to Pepper: foreign nationals showing up to the country on dubious student visa programs before working as delivery drivers or other hard-to-track jobs.

With so many Irish citizens already struggling, Pepper thinks the government's priorities are misplaced. “(Our citizens) come first, we need to look after our own people,” he says.

Even Ireland's populist parties are in alignment with the European Union's migration policies, Pepper adds. “They're open borders, flood the country — we have no room.” People like him are maligned as “far right” simply because they are “concerned parents worried about their communities and services.”

When it comes to illegal asylum seekers, Pepper says he's run out of empathy. “I want to deport every one of them. At the end of the day, our people come first.”

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