On the ground at Ireland's massive protest against illegal immigration

In this special edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reports from the streets of Dublin, Ireland, where a massive protest against illegal immigration was being held.

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I’m back in Canada from my whistle-stop tour of Ireland. I went there to report on the biggest march against mass immigration in Irish history. 

Ireland is a small country, both in terms of geography and population. But it has become a target community for the globalist migration industry. So many migrants have been shipped to Ireland, they’re living in tents in the streets. 

This is my first major report on what I found — it’s a 45-minute video about the march itself, including when we walked by left-wing counter-protesters.

It's my longest report, so pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and take a look! But I have some even more interesting smaller reports that I’ll be publishing in the days ahead, including:

  • my visit to the tent city for foreign migrants with no place to sleep
  • a trucker-style protest outside a warehouse that politicians want to turn into a migrant residence
  • an interview with one of Ireland’s few independent journalists

And there will still be more to come!

Talking to ordinary Irish people about the crisis was eye-opening, and I think it’s something that people in Canada and other mass-migration countries would find interesting.

Ireland has never been an imperial power; it hasn’t colonized anyone. The Irish people are the Indigenous inhabitants of that land. So, when they say, “Ireland for the Irish,” it’s not racism — it’s a plea for an ancient homeland.

I’m still processing what I saw in that quick visit. And I think I should go back as this story continues to unfold. The establishment is adamant to continue with its plans — and it denounced the march as “far-right.”

It’s amazing to watch the Irish establishment demonize ordinary Irish families for expressing their concerns. I feel like Rebel News could be a voice for them.

What do you think?

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