Ezra Levant investigates Irish migrant 'tent city'

'What is their future here in Ireland? And will Ireland continue to be the drop-zone for globalist immigration schemes?' asked Ezra Levant.

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Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant has been in Ireland to see what's really going on with the country's migrant crisis.

One of the largest anti-immigration protests in the country's history recently took place in central Dublin, and Rebel News was there to cover it.

Mr. Levant also investigated a large "tent city" which is home to dozens of migrants in the country's capital.

Speaking about the migrant crisis in Ireland, Mr. Levant said, "Think about it, Ireland barely has five million people, it's smaller in population than the Greater Toronto Area."

"And imagine taking a hundred thousand migrants, many of whom don't speak the language, and plunking them down here...there's simply not enough space for them, not in big cities like Dublin, and certainly not in smaller towns."

Mr. Levant went on to say, "I talked to another fella who was happy to talk with us a little bit as long as the camera wasn't on. He said he was from Pakistan. He said he had arrived only in the last couple of weeks and that he's claiming asylum."

"I asked him on what basis he's fleeing Pakistan and he said he wouldn't tell me. I asked him what his prospects were, what he thought would happen. He said he imagined he would stay in a tent situation or something like that for four or five months before being given free housing."

By the end of 2024, Ireland is expected to have a record number of asylum claims, with the number being pegged at 20,000 if current trends continue.

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