Canada Pension Plan money supports Chinese coal mining jobs

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While actively putting Canadian coal miners out of work, the Canadian government, through its agency the Pension Plan Investment Board, was keeping Chinese coal miners working.

Blacklock’s Reporter has all the details.

“Records show the Pension Plan Investment Board bought shares in 21 publicly-traded China coal operators, distributors, and utilities including $3 million in the Pingdingshan Tianan Coal Mining Co.; $8 million in Huolinhe Opencut Coal Industry Corp; $13 million in China Coal Energy Co. Ltd., operator of twelve mines; $14 million in China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd., distributor of coal in six Chinese provinces; and $17 million in Shanxi Meijin Energy Co. Ltd.”

The Canadian government, while heading up the self-flagellating performance art that is the global Powering Past Coal Alliance is investing heavily in Chinese coal companies.

Chinese workers will have jobs in the coal industry supported by Canadian money, but, according to labor organizations, the Trudeau government has not moved forward on the promised so-called “just transition” away from reliable, well paying Canadian jobs in the coal industry.

But the double standard is a reoccurring theme.

Last month we learned the real story behind former environment minister McKenna's 2017 green tech trade mission to China.

She brought with her companies from Canadian industry, including crooked Quebec based engineering firm and perennial Liberal darling, SNC-Lavalin, who were there to offer solutions that would keep China using coal for the indefinite future.

She did this while sacrificing entire Canadian communities on the altar of green energy.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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