McKenna and SNC-Lavalin traveled to China to help communist country continue to use coal

Catherine McKenna took SNC-Lavalin on a clean technology trade mission to China to help the communist giant continue to use coal.

The revelation came in exclusive Access to Information documents obtained by Rebel News from the office of the Ambassador of Climate Change.

In the 360 pages of briefing notes and reports, former Environment Minister Catherine McKenna praised the Chinese for their work on climate change, while China continues to use more coal than the rest of the world combined.

In December 2017, McKenna brought an entourage to China as part of a “cleantech mission composed of companies that can help bring solutions to some of China's most acute environmental challenges.”

SNC-Lavalin was joined on this green trade mission by 14 other Canadian companies including the International CCS Knowledge Center, an organization that promotes carbon capture and storage in coal fired electricity generation.

McKenna's entourage didn't go to China to help the country get off coal. They went to help China stay on coal using Canadian technology, while McKenna spearheaded the phase-out of coal in Canada.

ATIP SGR NOV 21 by The Rebel on Scribd

  • By Ezra Levant

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