Supreme Court of Canada failing to thoroughly examine authoritarian response to COVID-19: Keith Wilson

'Regrettably, I believe that the courts are demeaning their own value and their own role in our society — and Canadian society and democratic society — when they decline to give an objective, thorough analysis of the evidence that is increasingly clear that these decisions were horrifically wrong,' said lawyer Keith Wilson.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, lawyer Keith Wilson joined the show to discuss how the Supreme Court of Canada has failed to hear evidence regarding the Canadian government's authoritarian response to COVID-19.

As stated by Mr. Wilson, "Our courts so far have not been willing to do a thorough examination  to allow evidence to come before them to do a thorough examination — of the fundamental premises that led to this massive loss of rights, this massive overreach of government, these incredible harms, economically, socially, educationally, relationship wise, mental health wise for people who weren't able to be by the side of dying loved ones."

Speaking about the Supreme Court of Canada, Ezra Levant said, "The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court himself announced publicly that he was bringing in a vaccine mandate for the Supreme Court of Canada staff itself."

"So there were all these cases across Canada in labour tribunals, in courts. It was a live issue, they had not been adjudicated yet. Tested facts had not yet been brought to court. The law had not been examined, and the Chief Justice short-circuited all announcing, 'Hey everybody, we're invoking a vaccine mandate at our office.'"

During the COVID-19 hysteria, countless Canadians were prevented from travelling and seeing loved ones due to vaccine mandates.

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