Trudeau never forgets an enemy — that's why Ottawa took Freedom Convoyers to court

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Tonight, Ezra reminisces the 2022 Freedom Convoy while assessing the state of Canada's civil liberties as we approach 2024.

Canada's greatest populist democratic uprising took shape in January 2022, as truckers and freedom loving patriots protested two years of lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

Naturally, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau overreacted, invoking the Emergencies Act to freeze thousands of bank accounts and put those who opposed him on trial.

Among them is Tamara Lich, a Metis grandmother from Alberta who simply had enough with Trudeau's COVID fanaticism. She went on to serve 49 days in prison for the non-violent charge of incitement to mischief.

Her trial remains ongoing.

Ottawa's arbitrary vaccine mandates violated the charter right of mobility by banning the unvaccinated from flights, and travel by sea or train. Disgracefully, Canada's justice system threw out the challenge, and the Court of Appeals refused to review the matter it deemed "moot."

Yet, the government continues to prosecute the cases they want, including freedom-loving Canadians like Tamara Lich who Trudeau despises most. 

The decision to run her trial is merely symbolic.

As of writing, the bench refuses to examine the fiscal and socials costs of government tyranny during the pandemic and so on.

They claimed the COVID jabs were 'safe' and effective' without evidence to substantiate their claims. Of the tens of millions of Canadians to get the jab, none provided informed consent as the extent of their adverse effects remain under vigourous study well into next year.

GUEST: Keith Wilson, Freedom Convoy lawyer and practitioner of constitutional law.

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