Canadian killer Luka Magnotta plays the trans card for easier prison time

Magnotta, the subject of the Netflix documentary 'Don't F with Cats,' killed Chinese student Jun Lin in 2012. Magnotta now goes by the name Violette and is housed with his fellow inmate husband at the medium-security La Macaza prison in Quebec.

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The shocking details of the lax treatment of yet another high-profile killer were made known through the investigative reporting of Michelle Mandel of the Toronto Sun.

Magnotta, a male escort who claimed he was bisexual at the time of his crimes, killed Jun Lin, filmed the dismemberment of the body, and mailed the body parts to Canada's political parties. Magnotta is now in the same medium-security prison as serial killer Paul Bernardo, whose transfer also drew public outrage.

After trying a failed defence of schizophrenia to get a lighter sentence, Magnotta is now gaming the system in a way that's becoming more prevalent in recent years. He says he is trans.

According to Mandel's reporting in the Sun:

In the partially redacted report by a team at the McGill University Sexual Identity Centre and obtained by the Sun, four doctors recommended “offering space and support to explore around a proper gender identity exploration that would allow Violette to express and present her gender as she sees fit and for her to experience living within this gender identity.”

Shockingly, the same researchers note Magnotta is lying about being transgender but play along anyway, for the sake of tolerance.

Mandel writes:

The doctors found he doesn’t meet the criteria for gender dysphoria and instead his feelings were the result of “fragile identity and need to periodically reinvent himself,” as a defence against “internal homophobia” and as a strategy to protect himself from other inmates"

The doctors noted that Magnotta uses “pat phrases she repeats, as if rehearsed” to describe his “gender journey.”

While he professed to wanting to be as “feminine as possible” and to sometimes wearing makeup in private, they wrote that he presented as masculine during all three of their interviews – in his hair, clothing, body language and intonation.

The McGill report states:

"The narrative of being born in the wrong body may be a way for this patient to wipe the slate clean once again,” they wrote, “and reshaping herself to preserve the illusion of specialness (and innocence).

Herself. The researchers describe Luka Violette Magnotta using female pronouns. Though they know the killer is playing a game, they play along with it.

"There is no evidence or report of any lived incongruence between her sex designation and her gender identity,” the doctors wrote.

Despite the clear malingering from Magnotta, a treatment plan for the fake woman/butcher of a chemical engineering student was discussed in the report:

"Ideally, she would work with someone she trusts sufficiently to be able to get in touch with her internalized homophobia, understand its roots and how it’s affected her identity development and eventually undo it."

"She may then be able to find peace and even pride in living as an effeminate gay man, which seems more in keeping with her longitudinal history.”

Magnotta is willing to play this game until he wins. Mandel's article explained Magnotta's future taxpayer-funded medical transition:

In October 2021, Magnotta told his prison psychiatrist for the first time that he wanted to transition and required female hormones, the report said. He hopes to have vaginoplasty in the “later future.”

And what happens? Likely a transfer to a women's prison.

Since an interim Corrections Canada policy was first introduced in 2017, male-born prisoners who identify as women can be housed in female prisons.

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