Canadian Muslims pledge 'Million Person March' to protest 'LGBTQ indoctrination' in schools

Ottawa businessman Kamel El-Cheikh disclosed photographs of school pamphlets peddling 'LGBTQ ideology' that specifically targeted Muslim children. It claimed there is no inherent conflict between Islam and homosexuality.

Canadian Muslims pledge 'Million Person March' to protest 'LGBTQ indoctrination' in schools
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An Ottawa businessman and parental rights activist is fed up with Canada's push to indoctrinate students without parents knowing.

Kamel El-Cheikh has been on the front lines organizing protests with hundreds of Muslims and Christians to condemn changing gender pronouns and viewing pornographic literature in schools.

He intends to organize a 'Million Person March' in response to 'radical gender ideology' and school Pride celebrations.

In an interview with The Post Millennial, he said he intends to bring together a million Canadians of all faiths from coast to coast on September 20.

"I am optimistic — absolutely. If [there's] one thing that's going to inspire Canadians from coast to coast to go down and protest, it's the kids and their innocence and their families," said El-Cheikh.

The Ottawa businessman disclosed photographs of school pamphlets peddling "LGBTQ ideology" that specifically targeted Muslim children. 

One such piece of literature asks: "Can I still be Muslim if I am queer?" It contends there is no inherent conflict between Islam and homosexuality.

El-Cheikh called the suggestion "blasphemy," denouncing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's pressuring Muslims to accept 'LGBTQ ideology.'

He told The Post Millennial that that amounts to a "fatwa," or an edict on faith and morals.

El-Cheikh also condemned Trudeau for suggesting Muslims protesting gender ideology and Pride are 'useful idiots' for the "American right wing." 

"Apparently, we don't have the intellect or the doctrines or the Divine wisdom through our five daily prayers and our 30 days of fasting [during] Ramadan to know right from wrong." He dismissed Trudeau as "the best actor" Canada has ever had as prime minister.

"I'm prepared to give him an Oscar, and I'll buy one to give it to him."

On June 13, El-Cheikh urged Muslims, Christians and people of all faiths to unite and protect their children from the government.

"You know Canada's built of Christians and Muslims and all denominations. Why not celebrate that?" he said.

"We can coexist, and I think […] these protests illustrate that Christians, Muslims and Jews and […] 'common sense' Canadians have a lot in common." 

El-Cheikh clarified his goal is to "go back to the Canada that I recognized growing up."

"The government should be only focused on running the country, not parenting in the homes [of Canadians]," he continued. "Why aren't we [prioritizing] math and sciences in the school?"

El-Cheikh condemned the 'Pride phenomenon' that has outstripped what Canada supposedly represents.

"[LGBTQ] Canadians [are Canadians] as well, but it seems […] they're getting preferential treatment […] getting festivals, [a] pride month and […] Pride season," he said.

"I feel like it's Pride year. There is an agenda, and it's not a Canadian agenda," the businessman told The Post Millennial.

"Remember sex is between two consenting adults — that's a universal law — so how can [minors] consent to sexual indoctrination, exploitation, and [genital] mutilation?" 

"Kids right now don't […] eat their lunch on time, let alone go to sleep on time." 

El-Cheikh says Trudeau has bolstered opposition to his government, promising that Muslims are "going to be relentless [on] September 20." 

A recent poll suggests the prime minister's standing among immigrant communities has plummeted, with 43% leaning Conservative in the next federal election.

On Friday, Twitter suspended the businessman's account after a complaint and immediate ruling that he violated the platform's "hateful conduct rule."

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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