Carbon tax hike coincides with MP pay raise: Ottawa protesters react

Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie was in Ottawa, where protesters on Parliament Hill reacted to the Trudeau Liberals' carbon tax hike coming into effect on the same day members of Parliament received yet another pay raise.

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April Fool's Day marks a 23% rise in the carbon tax, while Prime Minister Trudeau and members of Parliament receive a tremendous income hike, earning them the world's second-highest salary for elected officials.

And so, on April 1, people gathered across Canada to demand the Trudeau Liberals 'Axe the Tax' as Canadians deal with financial difficulties.

In Ottawa, residents from various walks of life gathered in a unified protest against what they perceive as the unjust burden of carbon taxes imposed by the government.

The rally, held in downtown, commenced around 11 a.m. in front of Parliament Hill. Throughout the day, impassioned speeches and heartfelt pleas were delivered by individuals directly affected by the Liberals' policies.

"I stand before you not only as a concerned citizen but also as the daughter of a fisherman from the beautiful shores of New Brunswick," declared one protester, highlighting the generational reliance on natural resources for livelihoods. "But today, we find ourselves not only facing the unpredictable tides but also the ever-increasing tide of taxes that threaten to drown our livelihood."

The sentiment resonated among the crowd, with many echoing concerns about the economic strain caused by escalating carbon taxes. "Canadians are just barely clinging on," expressed another protester. "The economy is just barely clinging on, and this increases the cost of living for everybody."

Criticism was directed towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with accusations of prioritizing personal gain over the welfare of Canadians. We asked protesters what message they had for Trudeau, given Liberals' carbon tax hike came on the same day MPs received another raise.

"My message is right here on my sign. It says April Fool's Day is canceled this year. No prank is greater than the joke running this country right now," answered one protester.

Amid calls for transparency and accountability, protesters raised doubts about the efficacy of carbon tax rebates.

"What's the sense of taking it if it's all going to be refunded with a rebate?" challenged one participant. "It's like throwing a dog a bone, and it's an insult to Canadians."

As frustrations simmered, demonstrators urged the government to understand the realities faced by ordinary Canadians.

"It's time to put an end to all the stupidity happening and respond to the feelings of Canadians," demanded a protester. "We need to start saying enough is enough."

As tax hikes pressure the lives of Canadians, bureaucrats are benefiting from better incomes on taxpayers' dimes. You can sign our petition to stop this taxation madness that will impoverish Canadians at

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