Canada-wide demonstrations planned for April 1 in protest of carbon tax hike

The Liberal government continues to double down on the carbon tax while affordability remains a top electoral issue for most Canadians.

Canada-wide demonstrations planned for April 1 in protest of carbon tax hike
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Demonstrations are set to take place across the country in protest of a hike to the carbon tax taking effect April 1. 

A group titled Nationwide Protest Against the Carbon Tax is behind the planned protests, stating that their goal is the "immediate removal of the Carbon Tax, without replacement by any other form of taxation."

The group says the nationwide protest is a "peaceful event aimed at uniting Canadians for a common cause" and adds that they will be "holding the line indefinitely until our mission objective is achieved." 

The organizers aim to organize interprovincial border strikes starting Monday morning, while maintaining one open lane to let traffic through. Alberta will see strikes on both its borders with British Columbia and Saskatchewan. 

The group's website provides information about an expected code of conduct for protesters, and outlines their '100 reasons' for demonstrating against the carbon tax. Each reasons references a different economic sector they argue will be adversely affected by the tax. 

The energy industry will face "direct financial hits from increased operational costs related to carbon output, leading to higher prices for consumers, reduced energy production, job losses, decreased local investment, and increased reliance on foreign energy sources," while food and beverage will see "increased costs for the entire food supply chain," they write. 

According to polling data, a large majority of Canadians, 69%, oppose the increase to the carbon tax, which will see gas and home heating prices become more expensive. The CTF says that the federal government is increasing the carbon tax to 17 cents per litre of gasoline, 21 cents per litre of diesel and 15 cents per cubic metre of natural gas. 

Seven out of 10 provincial premiers have also vocally opposed the tax hike, prompting Liberal Prime Minister to call them "liars." 

"Conservative premiers across this country are misleading Canadians, are not telling the truth," Trudeau said. According to the CTF's Franco Terrazzano, the rebates promised by the feds will not cover what Canadians will have to shell out under the new tax regime.

The Liberals have continued to lose ground in the polls as affordability remains a top electoral issue for most Canadians, and climate change fails to crack the top three issues in many demographics.

Rebel News reporters will be reporting live from across the country on tomorrow's protests, including in Alberta, British Columbia and southern Ontario. Make sure to follow Rebel News on X to stay up to date.

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