All parties in Saskatchewan want control over gun laws

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A motion calling for the complete devolution of federal gun laws to the control of the province of Saskatchewan was brought forward by Carrot River MLA Fred Bradshaw.

The motion passed the Legislature with unanimous support from all parties last week -- even the New Democrats.

The private members' motion builds on the Saskatchewan Firearms Act, brought into effect in May 2023.

The legislation regulates companies and agencies wishing to participate in the 2025 'buyback' portion of the 2020 ban on thousands of 'assault-style' firearms.

The province's Public Safety Minister at the time said those wishing to help the Trudeau Liberals snatch the guns of law-abiding owners "cannot receive money from the federal government to confiscate firearms."

GUEST: Tracey Wilson of the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights discusses the latest Liberal attacks on gun ownership and how Saskatchewan is putting property rights first.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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