CBC fakes audio recording as evidence of white supremacy

The Fifth Estate used a 2006 audio clipping from a web series about video games.

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For the January 6 episode of the Fifth Estate, an 'investigative' news program, CBC put out a preview of a hate group they profile called The Base

The Base is apparently a group of extremists, led by a now-Russian resident who used to work for the FBI and the Pentagon, whose training in the United States led to the arrest of a few individuals, one of which was a reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Speaking to an anonymous Antifa “informant”, the CBC program claims they've acquired thousands of screen grabs and audio recordings. The primary example CBC used, before undoubtedly receiving ridicule, was an audio clipping from a 2006 web series called Pure Pwnage, a comedy series about video games.

Before airing the segment, someone even dressed up the audio to make it sound like a secret recording — which it of course was not.

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