CBC has spent $131,000 on personal drivers for execs since 2019

Spending on the high-carbon private driver service included $45,000 in 2020, while CBC screamed for COVID lockdowns on ordinary people.

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Executives at Canada's state broadcaster are enjoying the perks of having personal drivers according to government documents.

Of course, despite the use of these gas-guzzling vehicles, CBC previously committed to adapting the network's climate coverage to be more intense:

Our own research tells us that Canadians want to understand what's happening (the facts and the science) and learn more about what can be done. There is a hunger for constructive solutions.

Moving forward, we commit to doing even more.

We have designated climate as a national beat and placed it under the editorship of a new senior producer, Anand Ram, whose portfolio includes Health and Science. We will soon create a dedicated international climate reporting team and increase the prominence of the coverage on our website and CBC News app.

However, behind closed doors, CBC's management team were high-mileage hypocrites, ignoring their mantras of climate and COVID fear.

The data on the costs of CBC's drivers was obtained by examining the proactive releases of previous access filings by the federal government. Documents reveal taxpayers have been covering the costs of CBC executives to be driven around in a Ford Explorer.

CBC abolished the $45,000 per year private driver job in 2020 “due to COVID” and instead now hires drivers on contract for another $4,400 in 2022 and $6,000 in 2023.

Records indicate that despite the so-called “climate emergency”, CBC is spending 11-times more on gasoline ($6,600) than ethanol ($600).


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