CBC props up climate change ‘experts’ to tell Canadians what to think: Ezra Levant

'There's no expert opinion about politics, we each get our own opinion about politics. We're each experts about our own lives, but the CBC doesn't like that. They like to tell you what to think,' said Ezra Levant.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed how legacy media attempts to use so-called "experts" to influence Canadians on climate change and other political issues.

A recent article from the CBC exemplifies how state-backed media uses people who they deem to be "experts" to shape public opinion. The piece describes how despite rural Saskatchewan municipalities voting overwhelmingly in favour of a resolution labelling naturally-occurring CO2 as not a pollutant, "experts" say this isn't the case.

Speaking about the article, Ezra said, "Is this expert an expert in climate change and agriculture, which is what they said, or is he an expert in why farmers are thinking the wrong thoughts and should support Justin Trudeau?"

One of the experts cited in the CBC article is Darrin Qualman, the director of climate crisis policy and action at the National Farmers Union. Commenting on this so-called "expert," Ezra said, "What's that? He's the director of climate crisis policy and action? I'm going to stop you right there mate."

Ezra went on to say, "The word crisis is an opinion. A baseless opinion in my books but it's an opinion, it's a political decision, it's a choice. It's not a scientifically measurable thing. Are we in a crisis? Or do we just have a problem? Or is it just a challenge? Or is it actually none of these things at all?"

"The fact that his title is climate crisis [director] tells you all you need to know. And he's in charge of 'action' which means he's made up his mind here. You know what you need to know about this guy," he added.

Mr. Qualman is a member of the National Farmers Union, which received a grant from the Justin Trudeau Liberals to showcase "stories from sustainable farms across Canada."

As explained by Ezra, "So Trudeau is paying for global warming stories from farmers, paying for propaganda. Global warming commentary paid for by the Liberal Party. These guys are bought and paid for lobbyists."

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