Left-wing climate hysteria is nothing more than political posturing

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Tonight, Ezra Levant rips apart climate alarmism and the left-wing's raw appeal to authority.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's state broadcaster gives a platform to a bizarre anti-farm activist. 

When the media and by politicos cite experts, it is not an appeal to actual expertise. According to them, you should distrust your own instincts because they're an expert and you're not an expert about things to which there are no real experts.

Everything you read makes sense if you simply translate 'experts' as "crazy people." It's all a matter of political opinions.

Climate change policies are merely political opinions, and there's no expert opinion on politics.

For example, some agriculture and climate 'experts' claim carbon dioxide is a pollutant. They suggest their opinion is rooted in fact. That the farmers are on the wrong side of history on the climate.

Are these so-called experts only relied on because they support Trudeau's climate alarmism? Do they actually care about the beliefs of farmers on the matter?

A recent resolution on carbon dioxide turned heads at the annual meeting for the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities. They simply refused to vilify carbon dioxide. Any attempts at such are "illogical," they said, and will leave behind a negative impact on crop production and the Canadian economy.

GUEST: Rebel News Reporter Angelica Toy on the RCMP overreaction to the anti-carbon tax highway protest in Calgary.

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