China rewrites the Bible: Jesus stones the Adulterous Woman in John 8?

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Clearly, the Communist Party of China loathes religion, why else would it be so committed to persecuting religious groups such as the Muslim Uyghurs, Falun Gong practitioners, and Christians?

Yet, even though China remains the world's most atheist country, and a place were some of the religious minorities face threat of persecution, certain religions continue to grow in China, including Christianity.

Perhaps that’s why President Xi Jinping and his regime are on a quest to rewrite the Holy Bible the that Christians look to as a moral handbook of sorts, to align with his communistic ideology.

WATCH my full report on how China is rewriting the Bible, to the point of changing the scripture in the book of John, to make Jesus a murderer who stoned a women to death.

Can you believe it? And that garbage is what the university students who are on their way to shaping the future of China are reading.

Here at Rebel News we still haven’t forgotten that two of our Canadian brothers, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, are being illegally held in a dark prison cell in China when they should be home, next to their loved ones.

Please head to to help put pressure on China, in hopes that our Michaels will be set free.

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