China Virus: NEW BILLBOARD in Alberta!

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We have a new billboard — and Justin Trudeau is going to hate it!

Ezra Levant wrote a book that exposes the corruption of Trudeau’s Liberals and their love affair with communist China. It’s called China Virus: How Justin Trudeau’s Pro-Communist Ideology Is Putting Canadians in Danger, and you can get it at

It’s a book so shocking that Amazon banned it. TWICE!

Why did Justin Trudeau wait so long to restrict flights from China? Why did the Liberals gather up Canada’s medical equipment and ship it to China as a gift? And why on Earth did Trudeau give $838,000 to the Wuhan Virology Institute?

Ezra answers all those questions in his new book — and more!

But here at Rebel News, we're not satisfied yet. We want everyone to see it.

That's why we launched a massive billboard alongside Alberta’s busiest highway, to spread the news about our exposé on Trudeau’s corruption far and wide. Fortunately, Amazon won't be able to take this down.

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Thank you!

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  • By Ezra Levant

Get your copy of China Virus today!

Read about how Justin Trudeau's Pro-Communist ideology is putting Canadians in danger!

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We're putting up billboards to help spread the word about the China Virus book. Can you help us cover the costs?


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