Chinese state police now vetting visa applications for travellers to Canada

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Justin Trudeau has made the Chinese Communist Party the official hall monitors of China-Canada travel.

Anyone applying to get a Canadian visa must first go through the CCP. And not just any government official — the Chinese state police are running the Canadian visa centre in Beijing.

This information was uncovered by a Globe and Mail investigation, and it is horrifying.

Basically, a company that is owned by the Chinese state police has been granted the authority by the Canadian government to filter visa applicants, and to mine the data of anyone applying. The Chinese police are collecting data on every single person who has a desire to leave China and go to Canada for any amount of time. That means students, workers and even refugees.

They know who gets approved, and who doesn’t. Effectively, Trudeau has handed them a step by step manual to ensure that their spies are able to secure positions in Canadian society. The Communist Party knows exactly which refugees get in, exactly which students get in and exactly what sort of person the Canadian government needs to fill certain job postings.

Justin Trudeau is essentially telling everyone in China, “Oh, are you a Uyghur fleeing a genocide? Check in with your local police before crossing the pond, please!”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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