Christine Anderson on how to stop the WHO's power-grabbing health treaties

Drea Humphrey sits down for an exclusive interview with German MEP Christine Anderson, who discussed a new European initiative designed to expose the political forces seeking to surrender our health sovereignty to globalists at the World Health Organization.

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During the spread of mandated COVID-19 tyranny, Canadians saw just how heavily our elected officials and health bureaucrats deferred to the advice of the unelected oligarchs of the World Health Organization (WHO).

They continued to do so even after much of the WHO’s advice proved to be incorrect, or in the case of their pro-lockdown stance, harmful for society.

In today’s report, we sat down for an exclusive interview with German member of European Parliament Christine Anderson, who was in Vancouver for the first event in her “Make It Your Business” North American tour.

We discuss the new European Citizens Initiative (ECI) for trust and freedom Anderson has help spearheaded, which exposes the World Health Organization’s increasingly tight grip on democratic nations' health sovereignty, and aims to quash some of the WHO’s proposed treaties that will make it easier for them to do so.

Watch the full report above to hear from Anderson about why the ECI matters to all nations that desire to be free, as well as a recent win those who brought it forth have had with the European Commission.

If, like Anderson, you believe our health and emergency care measures should be determined by Canadians — and Canadians only —, go to to demand that that Canada never sign a treaty that gives the globalist WHO governance over our nation.

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